Marianne Schulze

Themenschwerpunkt: Human Rights

Twittername: @hrmaze


Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch

Stadt: Vienna

Land: Österreich

Themen: miscellaneous, human rights, diversity


Marianne has worked as a free-lance human rights consultant in multi-disciplinary settings on disarmament, comparative constitutional law, National Human Rights Institutions, monitoring, freedom of speech, social rights, participation, rights-based development, and inclusion of persons with disabilities since 2007.
A former student of the University of Sydney Law School and a graduate of the University of Vienna Law School (SJD equivalent), she earned a Master’s in International Human Rights, including course work in anthropology and heterodox economics at the University of Notre Dame. Marianne’s aspiration is to be a human being with a law degree rather than a lawyer.
Marianne’s capacity to discern complex issues is frequently relied on for both reports but also workshops as well as speaking engagements. In addition to reports, Marianne has drafted legislative text, proposals for United Nations policy documents and briefing papers for a range of political levels.