Maria Korneeva

Frontend Technology Lead

Themenschwerpunkt: Frontend mit Angular-Fokus

Twittername: @BrowserPerson

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch

Stadt: Köln

Land: Deutschland

Themen: frontend, javascript, web development, angular

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Vorträge / Referenzen:

"Frontend Technology Radar" - Talk at Angular Community Meetup | Europe & Africa - English

What is a Technology Radar and why do you need one? Maria is going to explore these questions, provide examples of tech radars for frontend and the interconnection with State of JS/CSS. She will also touch on the Angular Ecosystem as it relates to the Tech Radar and how it will step up your game.

Talk at Reliable Web Summit: Angular + Jest: Testing Tidbits

Have you ever tried to test if window.location.href has been set correctly? How about testing overloaded methods? In my talk I’m going to cover these and other specific use cases which I’ve come across when developing and delivering Angular apps.

Talk at Web Rush Podcast: Episode 155: Building a Technology Radar with Maria Korneeva

Maria Korneeva joins us to talk about how to build a technology radar for your business or project. What is a front end strategy? How do you evaluate new techonlogies? Is a front end strategy a formal thing? And how much does competency play a factor?

"Crafting Frontend Strategy" - Talk at WomenTech Conference

Predicting future is hard, yet every December we see plenty of blogs with titles like “Web Development Trends ”. Are they reliable enough to use them in your business forecast?
In this talk I’m going to share my insights in crafting frontend strategy for a mid-sized IT company. You will learn about my way to tackle velocity and diversity of frontend technologies at the enterprise level. I want to discuss with you the “whats”, “whys” and “hows” of strategising, including some struggles that I faced, e.g. the soft "border" to other tech topics such as API & services, DevSecOps etc…
Challenging? Someone said challenging? So, let's roll up the sleeves!

Talk at ng-conf: Reactive Error-Handling in Angular
Video Thumbnail

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” (© Murphy’s Law) - Errors do occur, so we need to handle them properly. This talk covers error-handling strategy that has been proven efficient in multiple enterprise applications. I'll show how you can handle validation, general and silent errors - with code snippets and relevant tests.