Louise Harms

Mindfulness Practitioner

Themenschwerpunkt: Mindfulness

Twittername: @Supergrapeful

Webseiten/Blogs: https://supergrapeful.com/ , https://www.linkedin.com/company/supergrapeful/ , https://www.instagram.com/supergrapeful/

Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch, Schwedisch

Stadt: Berlin

Bundesland: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: selfempowerment, mindfulness, self-love, growth mindset, circular economy, sustainability

Ich biete: Vortrag, Seminarleitung, Beratung, Training, Interview

  Ich bin bereit, für eine Veranstaltung zu reisen.

  Ich bin bereit, für gemeinnützige Zwecke kostenfrei zu sprechen.

Persönliche Anmerkung:

I believe in equality and am passionate about humans, building a society where we can all flourish as individuals.

Living in purpose, meaning, and taking advantage of everyone's potential. Short; living our true nature.

I believe in more connection and it starts with every single one of us - "everything is an inside job".


Roots in pop culture and activism. Master in Business Administration. Worked as a festival promoter in Sweden but left all that behind because the structures of subcultures and the elitism that follows with it made me feel limited.

Moved to Berlin in 2007. Been living and working here since.

I'm a Mindfulness practitioner, passionate about preaching these "life skills" for a deeper, more connected and creative human experience.