Lieke Boon

Themenschwerpunkt: Unconscious Bias in Tech

Twittername: @Lieke2208


Sprache/n: Niederländisch, Englisch

Stadt: Amsterdam

Land: Niederlande

Themen: coding, mindfulness, programming, learning programming, teaching, gender in technology, diversity in technology, unconscious bias, programming workshops, diversity and inclusion, diversity in tech


I'm a historian and started exploring the world of coding (Python and Ruby on Rails) in 2012. It was the first time that I experienced the magic of programming, it has changed my world forever. Since then I worked as a trainee Rails developer and organised code events to encourage women & girls to get into tech at VHTO, PyLadies Amsterdam and Rails Girls Amsterdam. I'm also a Dutch Ambassador for the European Code Week, public speaker and I'm currently working as Community Manager Europe at GitHub. At GitHub I focus on Diversity & Inclusion within tech, among others.

I love to talk about my experience when learning to code and teaching to code (what makes you a good mentor etc.).
Besides that, I speak about Women in tech and statistics.

But my main expertise is Unconscious Bias. I give workshops & talks about unconscious bias. I think our brain and the way it's stores information is a very interesting topic. It's not only fascinating, it's also a reason behind the lack of diversity in tech. My talk comes together with mind games and gifs.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Unconscious Bias: we're all guilty
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A video of my talk at JSconfEU 2015

Slides from some of my previous talks

Here you can find the slides of a couple talks I gave on:

* Women in tech
* Learning to Code
* Teaching to Code
* Unconscious Bias in Tech