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Laura Gaetano

Diversity in Tech
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art and programming women in tech remote work rails girls open source artistic practice rails girls summer of code learning programming ruby on rails programming workshops diversity in tech productivity event organisation

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Berlin, Germany

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I started being more interested in the issue of women and diversity in tech after landing a web developer job in 2013 in an all-male company; having come from the music industry, which is also primarily male, I realised that this wasn't a problem which was confined to the music, journalism, or art industries (the main areas I was interested in at the time) and that this problem was everywhere. I decided to actively try and make a change by coaching at programming events and founding local groups for women to get together and learn to program. Among other things, I currently co-organise Rails Girls Summer of Code — a program which offers women 3-month scholarships to work on Open Source software — and manage projects at Travis Foundation, a non-profit initiative which supports the Open Source community. I'm also working towards finishing my master degree in Transmediale Kunst (Media Art). I like owls, facts about NASA and space, reading, travelling, and melodic hardcore music.

Meine Vorträge / Referenzen:

How Martial Arts made me a better programmer

June 11, 2015: Talk at the local Ruby user group, focusing on how to implement the martial arts philosophy, learning process, and general practices to improve my programming skills.

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Introduction to git

June 14, 2014: A small introduction to git for Rails Girls workshop attendees in Linz.

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Making your voice heard: Open Source Needs You

February 17, 2017: Keynote at Drupal Mountain Camp about making contributions to Open Source software and good practices for maintaining OSS projects.

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