Kamales Lardi

Themenschwerpunkt: Social Media Strategy

Twittername: @KamLardi

Webseite/Blog: www.lardistrategy.com

Sprache/n: Englisch

Stadt: Zurich

Land: Schweiz

Themen: social media strategy training, social media in banking, social media alignment to business goals, social media maturity assessment, social media for c-level executives, social media strategy


Kamales Lardi of Lardi & Partner Consulting is a management consultant with extensive experience in various industries. Based on her work with clients, she analysed the pre-requisites for social business success and developed the Social Media Strategy Framework. The framework is presented in her new book “Social Media Strategy – a step-by-step guide to building your social business” authored in collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Kamales consults with well-known European companies and is a lecturer at ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

6th European CMO Conference in Zurich

Social media strategy overview and approach to linking social media initiatives to business goals.

Global Bank - Social media training for employees

Presentation for a global bank in Switzerland on an introduction of social media, application of social media in the banking industry and some key rules for social media use in banking.

Somexonair - Application of Social media in customer service & Eurail case example

Description of how social media could be applied in customer service and description of the Eurail case example.

Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association

Presentation to the members of Swiss CIA on application of social media and social data for competitive intelligence and market analysis.

BeeSocial Event - How to engage your customer community

Presentation at the BeeSocial event organised by Beekeeper.ch. The presentation defined a clear approach in order to successfully engage with customers and eventually translate those interactions into meaningful business value.


Presentation at the Swiss Association of MBAs entitled 'Social Media
The misunderstood
Medium' (similar format to Ted Talks).

Social Media Strategy book launch

Presentation at my book launch event entitled 'Linking Social Media to Business Goals', covering an overview of the social media strategy framework.