Gulsen Guler

Researcher and Consultant

Themenschwerpunkt: Data and society

Twittername: @gulsengulerdl


Sprache/n: Englisch, Türkisch

Stadt: Essex

Land: Vereinigtes Königreich

Themen: technology and culture, intersectionality, human centered design, community building, social shaping of technology, futures literacy, social work, engagement, gender bias

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Gülşen Güler works as a researcher and consultant to examine and reimagine the relationship between data, digital, decision making and power. Gulsen is also a trained social worker and has experience in youth work in the justice system. She witnessed the limitations of data collection and classification of the reporting systems as well as the real-world harm this has caused. Her lived experiences in this field inspired her to develop a human-centric approach to data literacy for dismantling techno-deterministic narratives, building trust and bringing accountability. Her work is informed by intersectionality, data feminism, situated learning, sociotechnical imaginaries and futures literacy. She holds an MSc in Communication Studies and was listed as a data changemaker for her outstanding work in the field.

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