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Eva Rio

UX and service design
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ux digital marketing web community service design

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I'm a UX and service designer with over 5 years of experience in the software industry. At the moment of writing I work at Tuxera, a Finnish software company that develops file systems and other embedded software solutions.
I like to work on anything from user research and user experience design, to prototyping and
front-end development. In my free time, I enjoy putting my skills to good use. I like taking part in projects that contribute to a positive change in the world. Education, research, and open communities resonate the most with me.

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What Android Aalto taught me about community building

Min 15:50 - 35:20

A talk in public Finnish TV about how to develop a community, how to get organised, how to express yourself if you have a good idea, how to gather people together, how to find the maker-side of things. This talk was part of Suomi Areena, the biggest public debate about Finland, its politics and society.

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