Elisa Czerski

Gründerin, Philosophin

Themenschwerpunkt: Robotik, KI Ethik

Twittername: @elisaczerski

Webseiten/Blogs: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisa-czerski , https://rethinkethics.com , https://nrobotics.com

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch, Polnisch

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, diversity in tech, roboterethik

Ich biete: Vortrag, Interview

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Persönliche Anmerkung:

Elisa Czerski is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and economist. Drawing from her academic research exploring the connection of AI, robotics, neuroscience, and ethics, she founded N Robotics in 2021. N Robotics is a full-stack robotics company that provides academic institutions and industry partners with customized robotics solutions for their specific application needs. The idea behind N Robotics is to provide fair and good access to high-end technologies and robots so that everyone can participate in the digital transformation.

Previously, she founded the Rethink Ethics & Tech initiative with the goal of taking a new practical approach to philosophy and applying those academic skills to the question of how to develop, design, and use technologies that benefit all the society and thus provide new practical solutions.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Open Discourse - AI and Transhumanism - How machines will change our lives in the future?

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Englisch
Rethinking Ethics in Tech at the Women Techmakers Berlin Conference

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Englisch
Transparency and Explainability in AI and Robotics

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Englisch