Diana McCarty

Themenschwerpunkt: media

Webseite/Blog: faces-l.net

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: diy, gender studies, medien, post-colonial studies, theory, media theory, net.art, art, netzkultur, radio, media, kunst, film, feminismus


I am a media producer and editor of the award winning artist run radio reboot.fm, co-founder of the faces-l.net community and have been working with interdisciplinary projects since 1988.

The projects all combine theory and practice. They comprise discussions, seminars, conferences, publications, film
programs and a large body of innovative media productions. I have organized and participated in numerous international projects, conferences and events that address gender, art and the politics of media. My work
with emergent media has lead to such influential initiatives as Nettime, early hack labs and social software
projects. Since 2003, I have worked to connect terrestrial radio and digital technologies with award winning
radio projects that combine art, politics and popular culture. My activities focus on interdisciplinary work and cross-cultural dialogs that address the social, political and artistic aspects of contemporary culture.
Much of this work has been introduced into Gender and Media Studies programs. Many of my projects have been featured in international media such as "The Wire," "Style," "Liberation," the French and
German television culture program, "Arte," and National German Radio, as well as other media across
Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.