Christine Goutrié

Professorin für digitale Medien

Themenschwerpunkt: digital literacy

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: genderbewusste sprache, women in tech, digital literacy, coding, digital media, processing, physical computing, generative design, gender and design

Ich biete: Vortrag, Seminarleitung, Training, Interview

  Ich bin bereit, für eine Veranstaltung zu reisen.

  Ich bin bereit, für gemeinnützige Zwecke kostenfrei zu sprechen.


Christine Goutrié is a professor at the weissensee school of art and design in Berlin since 2013 and teaches digital media in the foundation year for all kind of students. With her background in computer science, HCI, and interaction design she teaches with great enthusiasm first year students the basic concepts of digital media and encourages them to leave behind all their fears and scepticism towards coding. Her approach to establish inclusive spaces for all students with different experiences and backgrounds always integrates the political and socio-cultural dimension into her teaching.

2000 she became a professor at the University of Magdeburg- Stendal and established the new field of interaction design there. She developed and supervised several design programs, e.g. an online master’s programme Cross Media which integrates interaction design, management and journalism as the core fields and uses a wide variety of online teaching methods.

2005/06 she was a guest professor at the UC Berkeley/USA at the Center of Information Technology in the Interest of Society and worked there at the Berkley Design Institute as well as at the computer science department. She was part of the team of the tele-immersion lab of Ruzena Bajcsi.

Christine Goutrié grew up in East Germany and was 21 when the GDR collapsed.