Birgit Linnamae

Themenschwerpunkt: Many-faceted trainer-speaker

Twittername: @birgitlinnamae


Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch, Russisch, Estnisch

Stadt: Germany I Estonia I Finland I Italy

Land: Deutschland

Themen: präsentation, internationales wachstum, cultural differences, cross-cultural leadership, critical incident situations, kritische interaktionssituationen, persönlichkeitspräsentation, export, internationale zusammenarbeit, marktforschung, international relations

Ich biete: Vortrag, Beratung, Training, Interview


An accomplished leader, management and strategy advisor with 20 years of professional interdisciplinary experience in business development across industry sectors. Expertise in complex multidimensional and multilingual settings (10 languages).

Nordic Vision Group, international and strategic development consultancy, has been engaged in a significant number of business growth projects in 15 countries. Founded by Birgit Linnamae in 2003, it serves as a useful hands-on partner for SMEs in strategic expansion within Europe as well as between Europe and Asia.

As a former world-class (14.) competitive dancer, she is a trainer of professional presentation and public speaking.

- Strategic, production, operational management
- Traditional industries - timber, paper, textile
- (Industrial) start-ups
- Import & export; strategic marketing & sales
- Coaching, integration and supervision
- Design and strategic consulting in fashion

Provides for multinational and board level strategy capacity with an ability to decode and transform complexities of issues and people into well comprehended, practical and mindful paradigms.

Passionate design and craftmanship in fashion and knitwear (