Beth Holland

Themenschwerpunkt: Innovation in Education

Twittername: @brholland


Sprache/n: Englisch

Stadt: Newport

Land: Vereinigte Staaten

Themen: education, innovation, educational technology


Beth Holland has over 20 years of experience working in and around schools. Since 1999, she has worked at the leading edge of education and technology constantly seeking to innovate education. She blogs regularly for EdTech Researcher at Education Week and Edutopia, presents nationally as well as internationally, and leads professional development workshops as well as leadership seminars in schools around the world. Currently, Beth is a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University in the Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education specialization preparing to defend her dissertation in June 2018. Her research focuses on improving the communication networks between leadership stakeholders within American public school leaders to support innovation of classroom practice at a systemic level. She also holds a Master's degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard University as well as a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Packing for the Age of Digital Exploration

To prepare for the age of digital exploration, students need to acquire a a set of 10 Essential skills: communication, collaboration, citizenship, inquiry, mobility, fluency, questioning, curation, connection, and creation.

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Behind the Science of Innovation

Keynote talk delivered with Shawn McCusker at the 2016 EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit.

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