Jennifer Daniel

Tech Entrepreneurship and Startups

Themenschwerpunkt: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Twittername: @dumledaniel

Sprache/n: Englisch

Stadt: London | Lagos

Land: Vereinigtes Königreich

Themen: women in tech, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology startups, women entrepreneurship, women empowerment

Ich biete: Vortrag, Moderation, Seminarleitung, Beratung, Training, Interview

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Persönliche Anmerkung:

I am deeply passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and women empowerment


I hold the firm belief, that quality education is the ultimate gateway to the realisation of mankind’s enormous and diverse potential. It is the cornerstone for the creation of opportunities, the driver of societal transformation, and the linchpin for making the world a better place.

I am an excellence-driven Information Technologist with a burning passion for entrepreneurship and demonstrated skills in masterminding and delivering innovative and strategic business solutions.

Alongside top-rated academic prowess, I possess a growing record of over ten years of sterling work performance in digital business, project management and administration, business development and organizational leadership. My research, analytical and communication skills
are well-honed and I bring unmatched curiosity, creativity and keen thought to problem-solving.