Dania Azayzeh

Software Engineer and Consultant

Themenschwerpunkt: Genetic Algorithm,deepLearning

Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch, Arabisch

Stadt: Hamburg, Germany

Land: Deutschland

Themen: leadership, microservices, software development, influence, sport, deep learning, informatik, software qualität

Ich biete: Vortrag, Moderation, Seminarleitung, Beratung, Training, Interview

  Ich bin bereit, für eine Veranstaltung zu reisen.

  Ich bin bereit, für gemeinnützige Zwecke kostenfrei zu sprechen.

Persönliche Anmerkung:

"You are what you choose to be!"


I'm a software engineer and consultant. I help clients meet their technical requirements and make decisions. I'm passionate about healthy communication patterns within teams, evolutionary algorithms, data transformations and deep learning.
My experience has been shaped by being part of many different projects at TW. I faced lots of different challenges that nourished not only my technical skills, but also my leadership skills. These projects varied between breaking monolith systems into AWS, or Kubernetes hosted Java microservices, big data processing and transformation, implementing services, data backends and ETLs to provide access to data for performing payment risk decisions, and cultivating other developers to adopt new technologies. Some of my biggest learnings included, big data transformation, infrastructure deployment, microservices architecture (backend), testing including unit, integration, e2e, and load testing.