Alla Leukavets

Post-doc researcher

Themenschwerpunkt: Eastern Partnership countries

Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch, Russisch, Serbisch

Stadt: Tartu

Land: Estland

Themen: education, eastern partnership, civil society, energy policy, eurasische wirtschaftsunion


Alla Leukavets is post-doc researcher in electoral studies at the University of Tartu, a project specialist at the Belarusian State University and a policy analyst at the Center of Security and Foreign Policy Studies. She has an interdisciplinary background and holds several postgraduate degrees. After studying law at the Belarusian State Economics University, she pursued a MA in human rights at the University of Manchester. She received her second MA degree in EU international relations from the College of Europe and did a PhD in political science at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences. In addition, Alla completed several traineeships, inter alia, at the European Parliament in Brussels and the UK Parliament in London. Alla has extensive knowledge of international law, human rights and EU external relations. She is an experienced researcher with strong analytical and strategic thinking skills for assessment and evaluation studies. Alla possesses a well-developed ability to conceptualise, research and implement specific projects and work independently yet has strong communication and interpersonal skills for effective development of relationships with team-members and other stakeholders. Alla has published in, among other outlets, Caucasus Survey, Belarus-Analysen and Russian Analytical Digest.