Freya Berkhout

Themenschwerpunkt: Creative Technology


Sprache/n: Englisch, Hindi, Japanisch

Stadt: Sydney

Land: Australien

Themen: physical computing, film, creative code


Freya Berkhout is a multi-award winning composer and creative technologist. She began her career in an experimental pop band and eventually found herself in the film and tech industries. Her recent projects include creative technology and innovation campaigns for international brands, as well as an education programme for school-age girls to dive into creative tech. She is currently working on interactive projects involving computer vision, graphics, music, machine learning, 3D printing and all sorts of sensors. An activist at heart, she is inspired by cultural exchange, food politics, the human voice and the natural world.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Why Having A Plan Might Be A Bad Plan by Freya Berkhout

Abstract: Walking in the modern world can often feel like treading a well-worn, mapped out path. After years of serial planning, I realised that doing away with the concept of a plan — be it for career, life, or otherwise — might be the key to finding and exploring wilder, more exciting opportunities. This talk is about my wiggly, winding journey to technology, and how being open-minded and curious might change your life.

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