Danielle Simpson

Themenschwerpunkt: Education Technology

Twittername: @DaniKSimpson

Webseiten/Blogs: https://www.feedbackpanda.com/

Sprache/n: Englisch

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: women in tech, leadership, education, women entrepreneurship, women and technology, educational technology


Danielle is the founder and CEO of the growing EdTech startup FeedbackPanda. FeedbackPanda is a software as a service which saves teachers 2 hours of administrative work/day, so that they can focus on fostering learning through better connection and relationships. Danielle is passionate about improving teacher efficacy and wellness. As a former teacher herself, she advocates for better technology to support them. Her first after-school jobs were tutoring younger students and teaching at private schools. She also instructed at the University of Western Ontario. These experiences helped her create the software tool that teachers need.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Scaling the Teacher: Enabling Teachers to Reach More Students and Enrich Relationships

What role does technology have in education? The average teacher works more than 400 hours of unpaid overtime per year with a significant portion delegated to completing administrative tasks. This is a crisis with a technological solution. With machine learning and automation we can improve teacher efficacy and strengthen student-teacher relationships to push individual understanding. We must bring the future of work to teachers so that they can focus on teaching students skills of innovation rather than computation and prepare for the future of work.

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