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Digital Music Trends

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Talking about Future Music Strategies since nearly 10 years now. The internet is not a crime for musicians. We are getting there. Slowly, specially here in Germany. I also follow a lot of international music developments we might never see over here.

official BIO:
Barbara Hallama (aka Barbnerdy) is a freelance professional with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Her knowledge of music is only paralleled by her passion for it. A moment with her fantastic mixes on SoundCloud can attest to this. With DJing her aim is to be behind the decks making people happy with music that they have never heard of before. All this fits nicely within her personal motto: Sharing Means Caring.

A networker, trailblazer, early adopter, future-seeker, talent scout and DJ all rolled into one very neat and clever package. She is the archetypal digital gal with a penchant for seeking out the newest, the coolest, the awesomest the Web and iOS have to offer.

When it comes to the world of electronic entertainment, especially music online, she will be the first to get her hands on that killer service, app or gadget. You name it, she's alpha-, beta- and user-tested it to the max and back again.

Starting in the early 90’s she worked in Munich for DiskoB Artists like DJ Hell and the Club Ultraschall. These experiences lead her to move to Hamburg in ‘96 to work for Polygram with artists like Goldie, Money Mark, Uncle, 4Hero and many more.

She was drawn to Berlin when working as press coordinator assistant for LoveParade’99 and decided to stay where she became part of Jazzanova Label Kollektiv PR. Later she joined the software company go_disko* doing everything but coding.

In 2005 she was tapped by Apple to become the head editor on iTunes for all German speaking countries.

In 2009 her fascination with technology inspired her to become engaged with project management focused on all things digital. The knowledge gained from these experiences was fed back into her interest in music and music promotion via the internets.

In her spare time she took part in organizing notable Berlin based conferences such as Gründer-Garage 2014, StartupCamp 2013, CampusParty 2012, re:publica + A2N 2009 and many more. (More on LinkedIn)

She is currently the musical editor at google play, as well as curating and writing her own blogs and maintaining an ongoing keen interest for absorbing all things digital such as wearables, IoT and so on. You can also find her moderating panels and talking about future music strategies (

(words by Ilan Katin)

Meine Vorträge:

  • Digital Music Trends Oktober 2014

  • How to survive as an artist in the digital age

    I did a little presentation which was the teaser for a workshop I will do in June 2013.

  • Digital Music Trends Podcast 2013

    This week on Digital Music Trends we have an all-German panel, with Ryan Rauscher (Smix.lab, Futuremusiccamp), Barbara Hallama ( and Steffen Holly (Fraunhofer IDMT).

  • Campus Party 2012: "The future of music is social"

    A panel about music recommendations human vs machine at the Campus Party Event 2012 in Berlin.

    Dr. Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg Professor at the Institute for Media Technology at Ilmenau University of Technology and director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany.

    Ben Fields leads Musicmetric’s data science team (

    Stephan Baumann Head of Competence Center Computational Culture (C4) at the German Research Center for AI in Kaiserslautern and Berlin (DFKI).

    Peter Kirn composer/musician, media artist, educator, and technology writer, and the creator and editor of Create Digital Music.

  • re:publica12: Das Internet ist nicht mein Feind

    Der Musikmarkt ist im Umbruch. Soundcloud, Blogs, Internetfreiheit, Youtube, GEMA und Selbstvermarktung sind nur einige der Buzzwords, die die Herausforderungen und Chancen von Musik im Netz beschreiben. Was passiert, wenn die Grenze zwischen Konsumenten und Produzenten verschwimmt? Ist die Selbstvermarktung im Netz ein Fluch oder Segen, welche Rolle spielen Blogger bei der Promotion und Distribution von Musik? Oder generell gefragt: Welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, welche funktionieren und wo die Probleme liegen diskutieren @sodapop72 -->, @tanith --> , @Barbnerdy --> , @das_kfmw und @plemo -->
    ... und hier noch der Link zu der "cultural commons collecting society -->

  • Social Media Week 2009: Future Of Entertainment

    Panel (Moderator, Host, Organisator)
    Social Media will change everything? The experts in this
    round will let us have a look into their visions of the future. (Musik, Games, TV)

    Alexander Ljung (Soundcloud)
    Anna Ufer (Play.FM)
    Yousef Hammoudah (MTV)
    Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi)
    Stephan Bode (Game.One)
    Eva Kiltz (VUT Berlin)

    Barbara Hallama (BarbNerdy)

  • a2n 2010: Stop digitizing your record collection? Access vs. Ownership – Panel for the A2N

    This panel took place at the A2N in Berlin, 6th of Sept. 2010
    Helena Kosinski (Marketing Manager, The Nielsen Company)
    Christoph Lange (Managing Director simfy, CMO)
    Thorsten Schliesche (Geschäftsführer Napster Deutschland GmbH und VP Sales und Marketing Europe)
    Tom Nieuweboer (Head of Digital - !K7)

    Moderation: Barbara Hallama aka BarbNerdy

  • Weltkongress 2013: Lost in the jungle? A little guide for musicians and music fans

    BarbNerdy stellt verschiedene Services wie Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Official.FM vor unter dem Oberbegriff "Music Discovery" und damit Künstlern einen Einblick in die Selbstvermarktung geben.

  • Barcamp Ruhr 2012: QR Code - focus on the task not the technologie, as this will change

    This was my first session on a Barcamp. Slides here:

  • a2n 2009: Wie geht es eigentlich meinem Lieblingsplattenladen

    Wie gehts eigentlich meinem Lieblingsplattenladen? - Content is King aber: wo kaufe ich was?
    Gehostet + moderiert von Barbara Hallama.

    15.000 Schallplatten und 120 Gigs Musik nennt sie mittlerweile Ihr Eigen und kennt die Nöte und Sorgen aber auch Freuden in der "2:0"er Zeit durch ihre langjährige Tätigkeit als Editorial Chief für iTunes, als Digital Consultant und natürlich als leidenschaftliche Musiksammlerin.

    --> "Hier wollen wir eine Rundumschau halten, welche Genres, Formate sich wo und wie verkaufen. Wie wertig ist denn so ein mp3 Musik File im Gegensatz zu einer schönen Box. Wie geht der Vertrieb um mit solchen Veränderungen.

    Ich kann mich noch erinnern, dass eine Zeitlang das wirklich hässliche Jewel Case verwendet wurde, da es "im Handel besser plaziert" werden konnte als ein Digipack. Wie sieht das denn nun heute aus?

    Inwieweit Kooperieren Downloadstores mit Vinyl (Downloadcodes in jeder Vinyl) Links in Newsletter zu Downloadstores etc...

    Zu Wort kommen Plattenladenbesitzer, Digitalvertrieb, Vertrieb, Label und Künstler.
    Markus "Delfonic" - Oye Records Berlin
    Matthias Böttcher - goodtogo - Köln (Vertrieb)
    Ellen Vorac - finetunes (Digital Vertrieb)
    Nick Unsworth - Juno Download UK (DigiStore)
    Manuel Derra - Gomma Records - Labelmanager