April Wensel

Engineering Leader

Themenschwerpunkt: Compassion in Technology

Twittername: @aprilwensel

Webseite/Blog: http://compassionatecoding.com

Sprache/n: Englisch, Französisch

Stadt: San Diego

Land: Vereinigte Staaten

Themen: empathy, agile, user research, entrepreneurship, leadership, ux, teambuilding, compassion, social good, software development, javascript, growth mindset, lean startup, web development, learning, teaching, architecture, ruby on rails

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April Wensel is a veteran software engineer and technical leader whose varied career spans such fields as education, research, healthcare, and entertainment. She has also volunteered with organizations to teach coding.

Over the course of more than a decade in the software industry, she has synthesized a suite of strategies for harnessing the power of kindness and compassion to help software developers thrive. She founded Compassionate Coding in order to share these strategies with the wider community.

When not coding or leading workshops, she enjoys running ultramarathons and cooking vegan food—because animals deserve our compassion, too!

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Crafting Compassionate Code

As developers, we might think we don't have to care about humans because we work on machines. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The only reason for us to build technology is to serve humans.

Therefore, practicing compassion is essential for effective software development. Though many people think of compassion as something soft or ambiguous, you'll learn how compassion provides a practical framework for making rational decisions about our code with the goal of reducing suffering for ourselves, our collaborators, and our users.

From understanding customer pain points all the way down to the level of choosing variable names, applying practical compassion can help us craft better code, improve people's lives, and ultimately find more satisfaction in our work!

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Developers, Meet Your Users: Growing Compassion Through User Research
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Most UX designers recognize the importance of user testing to uncover user needs and build empathy for the user's experience with the product. However, in many companies, developers are completely left out of the user testing equation, or perhaps only included in second-hand accounts.

What a tragedy! Nothing beats seeing your users interacting with your product first-hand. If you're leaving the developers out of your user tests, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. By bringing their unique perspective to the user tests, developers can glean helpful insights and build empathy, which will have far-reaching effects on the future of your product. Not only that, but when developers participate in user tests, they gain a better understanding of the motivation behind designer requests, which facilitates better collaboration.

In this talk, developers will learn how to get the most out of user tests, and designers and others will learn how to include developers in user tests most effectively and avoid common pitfalls.

Mobile + Web Dev Con, San Francisco, 2017