Ines Coelho

Themenschwerpunkt: Diversity in Tech

Twittername: @ines_opcoelho


Sprache/n: Portugiesisch, Englisch

Stadt: Viseu

Land: Portugal

Themen: programming, women and technology, women in programming, diversity in tech


I'm a Biochemist and Software Engineer, who support several initiatives to promote Diversity in Tech, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Currently, I'm Chair of IEEE-UC Women in Engineering affinity group and I'm in the Rails Girls Summer of Code organization team, being an alumna of the 2015 edition and a supervisor of the 2016 edition.
I slave to the guinea pig Cookie. I’m also a book lover, occasional writer and runner. The first time I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons, my character unleashed a plague that destroyed an entire continent. But don’t worry, now I only occasionally destroy a city. Some time ago, I was retweeted by Carrie Fisher. By the way, Han shot first. And Firefly should be watched in the correct order.

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Why we need more women in Tech?
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The answer to this question is simple: diverse teams are more effective teams. Teams with gender diversity have proved to be more creative, productive and innovative. Yet, the number of women pursuing a career in technological industries is significantly lower than men and, as if that were not enough, it is estimated that half the women who enter the technology field leave over time. What are the reasons behind this gender-gap? What can we do to reverse this?
Around the world, several programs focused on women have emerged, such as Rails Girls, Rails Girls Summer of Code, Women in Tech, Women Techmakers and Lean In. These programs aim to invigorate women working in tech and amplify their voices. But is that enough?
The Diversity Problem affects us all, men and women, from all colours, races and religions. And each of us holds the power to make a difference. By breaking the current stereotypes and by providing new role models, each and every one of us can help to make a difference.