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Organisational Psychologist

Themenschwerpunkt: Finding Focus in Digital World

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Stadt: Zurich

Land: Schweiz

Themen: human resource management, digital transformation, stressmanagement, future of work, work 4.0, collaboration, organizational psychology, digital distraction, productivity

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Persönliche Anmerkung:

My main message is to take control of technology before it controls us. With massive changes in technology, ensuring we are using technology to make us happier, more productive and improve the world.


Bringing together Kiwi ingenuity and Swiss efficiency Jane tells it like it is using stories and humour. After 20 years in corporate HR roles I’m now the bestselling author of the book Focus in the Age of Distraction. Watch showreel here.
With a background in Organisational Psychology I provoke the audience to question their assumptions. My aim is to get them to make small changes in habits that will have a lasting impact improving their happiness and productivity.

Previous presentations include:
Digital Leadership Forum, Vienna May 2019
UK IRM Business Analyst Conference, London Sept 2019
Technology for Marketing London Sept 2019
Digital Experience Stockholm Nov 2019
In-company talks at: UBS, Eli Lilly, Syngenta, Bilfinger, Bucher, Abbott, Bayer
Winner of SpeakUp Challenge Zürich

Articles in Employment Today, HumanResources, and more…. see pipsy.ch

You can find more information about Jane at http://www.pipsy.ch/about.html

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Will you be replaced by a robot
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Ignite Zürich 19.08.16
Ignite's motto is "enlighten us but make it quick" and talks are restricted to 5 minutes. This talk was to a a mainly technical audience (in held at the colab "geek space") about the future of careers with Artificial Intelligence and Robots.

The doomsday plots of many sci-fi movies has got people worried about robots taking over the world. From The Terminator, The Matrix to iRobot Hollywood has made a few blockbusters by evoking a future as robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over and leave us with a miserable future. Perhaps because of these movie, people’s fears have been raised about what impact robots will have on our jobs and careers.

Will we be left on the scrap heap, while scraps of metal do what we used to do?

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The Root of Evil: Social Media
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Social media being used to divide our world. In this talk Jane take a journey into the social media habits of a killer, and looks at how we all can use social media wisely.

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Whatever happened to the 40 Hour Work Week?
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Ignite Zürich 03.07.16:
Ignite's motto is "enlighten us but make it quick". A 5 minute talk to a a mainly technical audience (in held at the colab "geek space") about the impact of technology on work life balance and how to be more creative.

In many countries on the 1st of May we have a holiday – celebrating Labour Day and the 40 hour work week. During the industrial revolution our great grandparents fought for 40 hours per week, a reduction from the typical 10-16 hours per days worked by, often children, in the new factories where owners tried to get the most work out of their expensive machines. By dividing the week in 40 hours work there would be 8 hours a day rest, 8 hours for recreation and 8 hours for work.

Now instead of the industrial revolution we have the digital revolution and along with it we seem to have lost the 40 hour week. Work has changed. Routine, repetitive tasks can be left to robots and we are knowledge workers. Our job is to think for a living – solving complex problems, coming up with new ideas and being innovative. But why does that mean that it now we spend more time working?

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Finding Focus in a Crazy Busy World

Is your work day a frantic rush juggling meetings, emails and projects? Then never finding time to get real work done? In this crazy-busy world our most precious resource is our attention. In this talk Jane shared simple but powerful strategies to find your focus and get more done.

Digital Leadership Conference Vienna May 2019
Intrateam Digital Experience Conference November 2019
UK IRM Business Analysts Conference September 2019

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The Irresistible Addiction of your iPhone
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Is your phone more interesting than sex? For this generation of teenagers it is true! But not just them - we're so often on our phone that we have forgotten about connecting to the people right in front of us. Addicted to social media, obsessed with Instagram and getting our news from Twitter - where will it end?
This was the winning speech at the Zürich 2019 Stand Up and Speak Up competition with the theme "Be the Change"

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