Anja Hartmann

Themenschwerpunkt: Nachhaltigkeit & Organisation

Twittername: @bucketrides


Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch

Stadt: Hamburg

Land: Deutschland

Themen: leadership, business, sustainability


Anja Hartmann is founder, owner & principal of, a consultancy creating unique value at the crossroads of strategy, sustainability, and personal growth. She works with executives and their teams in leading global corporations, disruptive (and disrupted) businesses, industry associations, and non-profit organizations.

Trained in academia with an M.A., a PhD, and a postdoctorate degree (“Habilitation”) in social sciences (history, philosophy, computer science), professionally groomed with McKinsey & Company, where she worked as a consultant (2001-2007) and partner (2008-2013), and personally beholden to Buddhist wisdom and practices, the distinctive strength of Anja’s work lies in its fusion of rigorous thinking, effective methodology, and piercing emotional and psychological insights.

In her work, Anja builds on experience from more than 100 projects, more than 20 years of guiding individuals and teams as a mentor and coach, and a regular personal practice of yoga and meditation.

Anja has written & (co-) edited nine academic books, published more than a dozen articles in a broad range of journals and compilations, and is author of a blog ( She’s a certified “Immunity to Change” Coach (2014), a certified Subject-Object Interviewer (2013), and “Manager of the Year” of the women’s network Generation CEO (2011). She also serves on the boards of Generation CEO and Khyentse Foundation.