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I'm passionate about anything to do with leadership and career development, especially as it relates to supporting women and emerging talent being the very best they can be!

Topics include "Neuroscience for Business", "Pathways to Influence", "Imposter Syndrome: The Menace, the Misery... the Myth?", "Women on Boards: The Startling Truth" and "Moxie Matters: Confidence for the Career Girl"


Leadership & Career Coach for Emerging Talent 🔷 For Goal-Setters and Goal-Getters 🔷 Ex Banker & Board Director 🔷 Proudly Supporting Women in Leadership

Following a double Bachelors degree in Commerce and Law, Alison began her career in Finance in 2003 as a Graduate at one of Australia’s largest Funds Management firms. 10 years and a Masters of Finance degree later, Alison gave in to her inherent “Wanderlust” and took the bold move to relocate to Frankfurt, Germany, where she delved back into the finance industry at Germany’s second largest Bank. A few years later, an irresistible offer to join one of the world’s most successful infrastructure investment banks came, and Alison found herself thrown into a whirlwind of Board Meetings, Board Directorships, team management, and responsibility as CFO of budgets up to US$2 billion.

After an overseas posting and 17 years in corporate, Alison decided to enjoy a sabbatical but in that time was consistently drawn to executive coaching, and began studying at the internationally renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Now a fully Certified Professional Coach and qualified PCC from the International Coaching Federation, Alison delights in helping women and emerging leaders step into their power and embrace their Moxie.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Don't Self-Reject! Getting a Piece of the Promotion P.I.E
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I get asked a lot: Do you find that women are uncomfortable with self-promotion, and putting their hand up for pay-rises and promotions?

And my answer is always YES!

In this video for International Women's Day 2024 I explore the concept of "Self-Rejection", why women are programmed to not even try if they think they won't succeed, and why this means they miss out on a lot of the good stuff... you miss 100% of opportunities you don't take!

We also go into how we can tackle this, through speaking up about your achievements, and acknowledging that it's not just your performance that matters when getting a promotion...

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Lunch & Learn: "The Neuroscience Behind Manifestation"
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'Manifesting everything you desire' can sound a little "woo-woo" to many (me included!), especially when it involves sending out "vibrations" into the universe (*uh-huh* *eye-roll*).

But did you know that there is a certain neuroscientific grounding in manifestation?

In this month's Lunch & Learn I'll explain how we can literally train the brain to assist us in achieving what we truly desire - with just pure, scientific fact!

Here I covered:
💥Why many of us are sceptical about the "universal vibes" element of manifestation, and are seeking a more grounded explanation in science
💥How to help your brain to overcome information overload so you can consciously prime it to be on the lookout for what you most desire, and not just operate in survival mode
💥The power of visualisation, and how to create a type of reality for your brain that is shockingly akin to the real deal - trick your brain into thinking it's already happened!
💥How to turn visualisation into action using an Action Board - your new and powerful best friend
💥And finally, how your brain can be moulded over time for sustainable behaviour change - yes you can teach an old dog new tricks thanks to neuroplasticity!

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