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Dr. Carina Pape


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Alena Kotter

Digitale Kommunikation

Twitter: @socialmedia_ak

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Iwona Laub

Digitale Krisenbewältigung

Twitter: @iwonalaub

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Stefanie Taepke

skateboarding & feminismus

Twitter: @Stefffi

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Dr. Privat-Doz. Andrea Herrmann

Software Engineering

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Jelena Löckner


Twitter: @j_loeckner

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Dani Terbu

Digital Relations

Twitter: @coolhunterin

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Anita Grasse


Twitter: @anitagrasse

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We feel strongly about a balanced representation of men and women* on stage. We encourage women* to become more visible in their profession and field of expertise.

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About us aims to increase the visibility and participation of women* at (but not limited to) conferences, panels and talk shows.
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