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Claudia Simon
Vintage Mechanical Typewriters
Lisa Dust
Lisa Dust
Stories from Data
Tiberius Hefflin
Tiberius Hefflin
Fabienne Vesper
Fabienne Vesper
European Politics
Claudia Bauhuber
Claudia Bauhuber
social media for hotels
Gudrun Thäter
Gudrun Thäter
Mathematics and Women
Kathrin Hecht
Kathrin Hecht
home in many places, work-life

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We feel strongly about a balanced representation of men and women* on stage. We encourage women to become more visible in their profession and field of expertise.

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About us aims to increase the visibility and participation of women* at (but not limited to) conferences, panels and talk shows.
Organizers and hosts can find experts, who gladly (and competently) share their knowledge.
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„Menschen mit Behinderung sollen sichtbarer werden“
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Mehr Frauen! 3 How tos für eine gute Präsenz auf Podium, Panel & Co.
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