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Mandy Schiefner-Rohs

social Media in educational...

Twitter: @mschiefner

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Lisa Lang


Twitter: @lilaineurope

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Maike Groen

e-sport, games, youth culture

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Andrea Tinnes

Type and Typography

Twitter: @AndreaTinnes

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Jane Piper

Future of Careers and Work

Twitter: @JanePiperPipsy

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Anna Katharina Meyer

Energy, Sustainable Consump...

Twitter: @AnnaKaMeyer

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Liz Steininger

Sustainable Business

Twitter: @Liz315

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Béa Beste

Why failure makes you stronger

Twitter: @TOLLABOX

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We feel strongly about a balanced representation of men and women* on stage. We encourage women* to become more visible in their profession and field of expertise.

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