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WordPress & digital marketing

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Italian graphic designer, web designer, creative director and photographer based between Hackney, London, UK and Valencia, Spain. Over two decades of experience and an extremely varied design portfolio that spans from global corporations to venerable cultural institutions, via film festivals, exciting hi-tech start-ups and small local businesses.

I help my clients create their brand, their visual language and imagery and their online presence, by designing their logos, taking their photographs and developing their websites.

I use WordPress to create and run beautiful, fast, SEO-driven sites that will make your business thrive. I collaborate with experts from all over the world.

I teach design to geeks, techies, devs and marketers who need to build websites on a daily basis but lack formal design education. The aim is always to provide the user with a smoother experience.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

  • WordPress Valencia – La teoría Gestalt en el diseño de páginas web – 16 May 2018

    Talk on Gestalt theory applied to web design, for WordPress Valencia meetup.

    This talk is in: Spanish
  • Crea una UI rompedora con los principios Gestalt aplicados al diseño web

    30-minute with 15 minutes Q&A at WordCamp Madrid, 21 April 2018. This version of the talk is in Spanish. The talk shows how the application of simple principles of Gestalt psychology can greatly enhance the design of WordPress websites. Most of us probably use some of those principles intuitively already. However, consciously adopting a Gestalt-driven approach helps us hugely towards creating a more meaningful, efficient and improved experience of our websites for our end users. And by the way: it’s not necessary to be an expert to use these principles. The talk covers a selection of the Gestalt principles that have a real, practical role in the designing of web pages. Plenty of examples of real-world applications are provided.

    This talk is in: Spanish
  • FILMONOMICS – Looking after your assets – Birds Eye View Film Festival

    Panel talk for Birds Eye View Film Festival
    Every filmmaker knows they have to engage with social media early on to ‘build an audience’ – but that isn’t the only route to success. Film marketing expert Debbie Rowland (Curzon/Artificial Eye, Twentieth Century Fox, Icon) leads this panel discussion about how to release specialised films and what assets are needed to execute a perfect campaign – including what makes a great movie poster.

    Deborah Rowland | Entertainment Marketing and Film Distribution Expert

    Piccia Neri | Designer

    Andy Green | Account Manager at Organic PR

    Tanya Laird | Consultant and Digital Entrepreneur

    This talk is in: English
  • University of Wollongong – Artist in Residence – Workshop and talks

    Paid residency at the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, April 2011. I taught a workshop on film poster design to 2nd-year graphic design students. During the course of the residency, I also gave faculty-wide talks on my practice as a designer.

    This talk is in: English
  • WordPress Valencia – Using Beaver Builder and Toolset

    WordPress community talk on how to extend the use and possibilities of a page builder by adding a custom post types tool. Geeky but very useful for the community of professionals!

    This talk is in: Spanish