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Feminist Popculture

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feminism simone de beauvoir pop culture european integration

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German English French

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Julia Korbik (*1988) is a freelance journalist and author based in Berlin. Her main topics are politics and pop culture from a feminist point of view – even better if they're embedded in a European and/or French context.

Korbik studied European Studies, Communication and Journalism in France and Germany. This earned her a French-German Double Diploma.

In 2014 Korbik’s book “Stand Up. Feminismus für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene“ (engl. Stand Up. Feminism for beginners and advanced learners) was published at Rogner & Bernhard’s (now: Kein & Aber).

Korbik is an active part of cafébabel, the multilingual European online magazine: in the Berlin local team, as vice-president of the Babel Association Germany and as founder and executive editor of Mind the Gap, cafébabel’s column for feminist and gender issues. cafébabel aims to give young Europeans a voice, e.g. with its latest report project “Balkans & Beyond”.

In 2016 Korbik created the Blog “Oh, Simone“, which is dedicated to French writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

  • Why feminism still matters: Putting on feminist glasses (TEDxFSUJena 2016)