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Heimat: München, Vorträge in Deutschland, Österreich und in der Schweiz (DACH)

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Besides working as Interim HR Manager, I love to work as a trainer for HR professionals.
via eMBIS GmbH: Social Media for HR:
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Quite recently I realized that this started actually in 2001 when designing and delivering an in-house HR training - just to get my colleagues inspired, to share knowledge and learn from each other´s unique experience. I named my first program "tool time" to reflect my education to work as carpenter. Having convinced my boss - thanks to Klaus - the HR department met for an hour once a week to learn from each other - a team member provided some slides about his/her hottest HR topics / projects ever done.

It´s great to work based on my strength, as a motivator, inspirator, maximiser. Besides that Gallup Strengthfinder tool showed my talent in wooing people. In the end my basic setting is, that everything is connected – what turns out great when networking.

My current training (2 day´s) is called "Social media for HR". It´s based on communication and cooperation, employer branding, changing role of HR professionals, social recruiting, what it means to be authentic as a part of a company...

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Mob: +49 152 34002465

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