Christiane Frohmann

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Digital Publishing

My bio:

Christiane Frohmann studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy at Free University, Berlin and Yale University, New Haven. With an experimental imprint, eriginals berlin, founded in 2011, she was the first female eBook-only publisher in the German-speaking countries. In its follow-on project Frohmann she publishes new literatures and cultural science titles. Christiane Frohmann is co-founder and curator of the Electric Book Fair, the first e-book fair in Germany. Her latest project is dedicated to vibrant events. Christiane Frohmann’s cultural science oriented research includes media changes, emerging net cultures and nonsense poetics as creative strategy. With the Kater Salon, her award-winning series of live performances, she has formed a hybrid link between virtual and RL publishing culture.

Examples of previous talks / appearances: